The tools I use to work productively from anywhere.

Remove background noise with Krisp

An AI-powered app, for Windows and Mac, that removes background noise and echo during online meetings. Work from home or public workspaces without worrying about background noise during calls. I use this with all my video-calls.

Make it easy for costumers to get in contact with you with Vectera

Great client meetings start with Vectera. With Vectera you can have online meetingsrooms that fit your brand. Make it easy for customers to schedule a meeting with you and work together. Every call is encrypted. It works on every device without downloading software. I use it with every videocall.


Have a good posture while working with Nextstand

This collapsible laptop stand will raise your screen to eye level. The Nextstand is lightweight and portable. Allowing you to work comfortably wherever you go. After using this I had no more neck pain. It really improves your posture.

Keep your internet secure with VPN Express

Stay safe on every Wi-Fi network. A VPN encrypts your entire internet connection to protect all your communications, even over unsecured networks. VPN Express is easy to use and fast. I use it on my laptop and my mobile.

Stay safe with a vpn

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