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Working alone with no one to talk to about your goals?

Get the coaching you need to move forward and feel supported through your challenges.

Running your own business is nerve-racking, especially without a team.

Solo entrepreneurs can get lonely.

You give up relationships for the sake of progress. Because hanging out can feel like a waste of time when you want to be productive. Especially if others lack ambition.

But the more isolated you feel, the harder it becomes to reach out.

This can cause you to fall into one of two traps…

Harming your happiness

You either work long hours and don’t reward yourself. Which can lead to stress.

Or You lose motivation, which affects productivity. This leads to more free time but wasting it means you become disengaged and lose faith.

Either way, they’ll both have a negative effect on you and your business.

The problem is, you have no one looking over your shoulder. Nobody to use as a sounding board.

Willpower alone is not enough when you’re struggling to handle the hits. You need a sparring partner.

Get motivated

You need to be held accountable whilst getting support.

Someone to help you evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. Whilst giving you the space you need to find blind spots.

Somebody to ask open questions and get you thinking about your obstacles. Supporting you in developing workarounds or solving issues head on, when necessary.

This will give you the clarity you need to stay on track, ask yourself the right questions and tackle your problems moving forward.

Everyone should have somebody by their side in business. What I offer can help you overcome setbacks and celebrate wins like these…

Up your game

  • Begin to see solutions not obstacles, even if you’re unsure of how to get the show on the road.
  • Start reframing problems as opportunities with a more optimistic outlook, even when you struggle to focus.
  • Find the time to invest in yourself, even when you have a tonne of jobs to get through.We’ll work on what is keeping you up at night.

You’ll be held accountable until you start, continue and complete your goals…There’s no secret formula.

Attention will be on you, the entrepreneur. Because when you feel good, your business will naturally improve.Together, we’ll make sure you move forward, take action and feel better.

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