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You feel the sand under your feet. After a long walk at the beach, you decide it’s time to treat yourself to a nice dinner. At the horizon, you see the sun slowly going down. You notice that you are getting hungry, but you are not sure what you want to eat. You decide just to walk over the boulevard to see what restaurants are out there.


At the boulevard you notice that, just like you, many people are searching for a place to eat.

The first restaurant you walk by has bright lights and no character. You decide not to eat there.

The second restaurant you see offers Chinese, Italian and French cuisine. You don’t trust it. When they offer so many things, they must not be good at anything.

You walk along. In the meantime, you notice that the wind is slowly picking up. Luckily, you see the next restaurant coming up.

You look inside. The place looks old and not well maintained. You think that if the restaurant looks like this, how bad will the kitchen look. Disappointed, you walk to the next restaurant.

Now you are getting really hungry. At the horizon it looks like the sun is almost touching the ocean. The temperature is slowly going down.

Luckily, the next restaurant you walk by looks authentic. It offers Thai food. The restaurant has an Asian look. You can see the open kitchen where they are preparing the food for the guests. It looks great. The waiter greets you.

You decide to eat here. You walk inside to take a seat at a table. The waiter brings you a menu. When you open it, you notice that it starts with a story. It’s a family restaurant. What they offer is clear. You pick your dish. You can’t wait to try it.

How people look at restaurants is the same as how they look at your website
Is your website attracting customers?

Does it attract customers?

Do your visitors think it looks trustworthy?

Is it clear what you offer and for who?

When was the last time you got objective feedback about your website? I’m launching a new service: Professional website review (for Dutch and English websites). See what you can improve to get more customers.

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